Mauritius : the paradise that must be visited

Mark Twain seems to have once said, “In the beginning it was Mauritius, then paradise was shaped and spoken.” And when you think of the natural beauty of this volcanic island, with its fuzzy forests and twinkling springs, palm-shaded beaches and coral reefs that come alive, it’s easy to see what he meant.

Most tourists with the goal of choosing the package holidays offered by reputable tour operators stay in one of the exclusive tourist sites. The capital of Port Louis is the country’s main tourist hub, but there are hundreds of exceptional beaches and nearby resorts dotted along the coastline. The top resort, the Royal Palm Hotel, was named by Forbes as one of the best resorts in the world. Many of these tourist complexes offer luxury facilities such as golf courses, spas and water sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing or fishing.
The main inconvenience of holidays in Mauritius is the long distance and long flight time from Europe. It’s a shame, because those who are in a position to embark on this arduous journey will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful islands in the world, a place that somehow manages to be comfortable, exotic or luxurious, offers several activities and paths unconventional tourist attractions, appreciated precisely for the novelty brought.

The climate in Mauritius is tropical, conditioned by the wind from the ocean.The winters are hot and dry, and the summers are hot and humid, but the cool breezes from the sea prevent the climatic environment from being unbearable. Mauritius can be visited throughout the year, but it should be noted that it rains often from January to March, the cyclone season, which will be better if you avoid. The peak tourist season is from October to April – so if you want to visit the island during this period, make sure you buy your accommodation a few months in advance.

The destination is considered attractive and exotic in equal measure, Mauritius is a suitable choice for the beach, sea and sun retreat, under the conditions of total luxury.