Ella Rock: for anyone planning a trip to France

Today we plan to climb Ella Rock, the road that according to the Sri Lanka holiday sky brochure will take at least four hours to travel to Sri Lanka.
To get to Ella Rock we go down into the city and reach the railroad, we follow about 2.5 miles and once the train crosses a metal bridge, besides a Buddhist shrine turn left, it goes by a house and it goes all the way to the left. , he reaches a concrete bridge over the small waterfall.
Right after the bridge there is a fork, the right way is ahead. Is it possible that some of these Roc from the local residents in Traf will turn you back from the good road and send you to the right path, bluff, this path is almost blocked in lastaris and you want to go back, but only then a generous local, in our case there was a local who offers to be your guide, there is not much you can do and accept.
Above I served the complex afternoon: one mango, 2 bananas, one nougat and 100 grams of prunes (the last two were brought from the country). . I talked to the couple the boy was really in and remembered “I mean the famous cabbage holiday in Sri Lanka, but can’t say exactly if he ate it in Kelo or somewhere else. They planned to stay a month in Sri Lanka and were Asian amateurs so I travel experiences. Of course, there usLeeches on the legs on the climb, only about those Rock talks about a trip to Sri Lanka with the couple they told us that they were dealing with Ayurvedic ointment and they had no problems with insects including leeches, they gave it to us, so when we came back, . Stretched by this problem the descent was more difficult, the earth and cliffs were still wet, but step by step I returned to the railway, this time a little higher because I got the main track wrong. Anyway, it was worth the effort, and we would do it again if we had the chance. On the trip the puppy that followed our subject, didn’t even want food, we think he was without a master.
We served him our vegetarian food and were sorry to disappoint him as we left him on the train line which seemed far behind us.
Arriving in the city we serve a portion of “Kurdish honey” a specialty because it is actually a thick yogurt with a sweet liquid like palm tree honey known as “sugar syrup”. On the way to the guesthouse we buy bananas, mangoes and spices (saffron, curry and cool). . Our walk today was 6 hours in the sky of Sita we don’t get a bath and we are invited for dinner, today something special “pitta & curried milk”. Pita is a traditional dish made from rice flour mixed with fresh coconut and inserted into bamboo stalks. Steam and serve with traditional lentil curry “Dahal” and potato curry with tomatoes, onions and garlic. ! Very tasty. Sita’s sky is full of guests: we are two Romans, a family of 4 Americans, a Dutch couple and a family with a child, all Dutch. A trip to Sri Lanka. Ella Rock. I hoped that New Year’s Eve would be quiet.
New Year’s Eve. For us it was a normal night in the city and around, they were knocking, fireworks and maybe fireworks but who came to see the words of the novel: “-come out, man, to see the rain of stars, they don’t come out, there is no rain with sausages”, so we went to bed early and woke up early. We find with some surprise that we are the most loyal customers of the hostels, we stay for four days while the others checked out the New Year’s Eve in these and moved on. Most of them were family. American for two days today we will follow the advice of a young Czech and visit a tea factory and temple, both about 7 km from these, but in different directions the tea factory on the road to Badulla, Dowa temple on the road. So we go out and take a bus, about two stops, cost 15 rupees per person. From the bus station on foot to the factory about two km, I again encountered an unusual view of tomato gardens and tea plantations.