Safari in Kenya

Kenya has attracted its sympathy since the early explorers and brave settlers returned by telling stories about the endless plains passing the antelope, the lions with the negative reputation of sometimes attacking people, mountain peaks and perfect beaches. The country is without a doubt one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa, offering unrivaled experiences throughout its natural parks and reserves: the masai mara with its charming collines, the herds of elephants like Sri Lanka and the spectacular landscapes surrounding the Great Rift Valley. The best time for a safari is in the middle of the year, when the antelope migrate across Kenya – an amazing sight, with millions of animals on their epic journey across the continent in search of new food reserves.
The diversity of the relief is reflected in distinct cultural groups, even if the Maasai population are the most interested tourists in search of the classic images of African identity in Kenya. The coastline offers its own treasures, with excellent beaches and resorts, many coral reefs to explore, all easily accessible via flights to Mombula, the country’s oldest and second largest city. Visitors coming from the Northern Hemisphere come here to take a break from the cold climate, and Kenya’s almost perfect tropical climate provides so many sought-after sunny days throughout the year. Like Cameroon, Kenya could, on that day, be called “Africa in one country”.

The best time to visit Kenya is between June and September, the winter months here, when both temperatures and rainfall are at their lowest. February and March can be very hot and humid, even if it is the perfect time to admire the great transfers.

Among the recommended attractions in Kenya, you can mention the Karen Blixen Museum, located near the capital Nairobi, to learn about the life of the Danish woman who was the basis of the film Out of Africa (Far from Africa-1985, with Meryl Streep). Lake Nakuru Park offers the image of thousands of pink flamingos, lone tigers and lions, while Ambavsalani National Park is famous for the herds of elephants that roam the savanna at the foot of the Kilimanjaro Mountains. It also excels in the famous reserves. of the Serengeti and the Masai Mara for beach and diving lovers, perhaps the most suitable place for a vacation is located near the beaches of Malidi, an excellent destination for peaceful fishermen.

The country offers over 65 parks and nature reserves, with over 40 ethnic groups and two official languages ​​- English and Thai -, Kenya, with all the animals and natural beauty, the ethnic diversity and the contradictions that arise from here, offer the best image of Africa, the continent dedicated to safari trips.