What to see in Captown

Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa, called the mother city of South Africa for many reasons. Cape Town is a city of impressive historical value, a metropolis with a highly developed nightlife, being an area that has a lot to offer visitors crossing borders. Cape Town is a very developed city in terms of medicine, the first heart transplant performed for the first time in the world took place in Cape Town. On December 3, 1967, Dr. Christian Bernard saved a man’s life through a heart transplant operation at the “Kfar Shosturr” hospital.

Over time, Cape Town is populated by many colonies, even European. Organized tour in South Africa The diverse peoples who settled in the area for certain periods of time left Ampenta forever, Cape Town to be an interesting mixture of cultures. Millions of tourists everywhere visit Cape Town and admire the most interesting sites in the city.

Beau Cap, the picturesque area of ​​Cape Town

Beau Cap is the most picturesque area in Cape Town, being a neighborhood with very colorful buildings, narrow streets, mosques. The neighborhood is located on the side of a hill, southwest of the city center, and was inhabited in the past by Muslim slaves from Southeast Asia. Bo Kaap is an area that is often photographed for various reports or film frames, being the exact area that indicates life. From Cape Town often Bo Kaap turns into a huge market where residents reveal the type of food and sweets they sell or trade with other objects.

Castle of Good Hope

It is a building built between the years 1666-1679, being the largest surviving edition of South Africa. Its interior houses a collection of military uniforms and artifacts, as well as a composition of works of art. A tour guide is at your disposal and can tell you many interesting things about the history of the Castle of Tikva Tova.

Beaches and water sports in Cape Town

Cape Town is the blessed region of nature with access to two oceans, namely the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Thus, the beaches and their angry waters create a friendly environment for tourists who want to take advantage of the sun, fine sand and vast waters. Swimming is definitely the most popular activity for tourists, the Mosenberg resort and the False Bay area are real opportunities in this regard.